About us


ECOTROVES introduces a supreme collection of premium yoga mats which are enriched with various useful attributes to initiate and heal chakras and make your yoga session more relaxing and comforting. Our aim is to bring harmony to your life with this pure, 100% natural and eco-friendly products.

Made with great care and thoughtfulness for the environment, Ecotroves yoga mat acts as a natural coolant and absorbs body heat. Ecotroves yoga mats are made in such a way to bring in the cosmic energy to the body. Our non toxic textured mats will provide you proper grip, at the same time perfect comfort while doing Asanas.

Ecotroves Mats are made by traditional weavers fully hand-woven with decades of experience in weaving. We have a wide range of Eco friendly Natural Yoga Mats. Ecotroves have mats made of Samba Grass, Pure Cotton, Organic Cotton, Jute and also have a variety of Natural Dyed Cotton Mats which are Eco and Skin friendly.

Yoga mats made with Natural fibers


We also have Meditation mats made of Vetiver or Khus Roots, Dharbha Grass, Water Hyacinth Plants, Natural Fibers and many more. Carry our ecotroves yoga mat with you to enable balance and celebrate your inner being and be in harmony with Mother Nature.